My first ever typography attempt using the word “believe”. It definitely turned out better than I thought it would :). I selected the name “TrianBelieve” because 1) I used the word “believe” and the background is a mix of triangles that are normal and pixellated, and 2) the words fit together perfectly to pronounce similar to “Try and Believe”.

Let me know what you think :)

Last week’s artistic creations from the Face Off challenge Living Art. Laura definitely blew me away with her cubism creation and Laney did a wonderful job portraying pop art. I’m loving the contestants creativity!

This week’s team challenge: Cosmic Circus. This is going to be very entertaining :)

SMZ Revisited: The Many Sides of Sheri Moon Zombie

After creating my first Sheri Moon Zombie poster, SMZ and The Dead City Lord, I started crafting ideas about a wallpaper based on her and some of the characters she has played. So with the guidance of a good thumbnail sketch and hours of gathering photos, recoloring, and editing, here it is. My first ever Sheri Moon Zombie wallpaper :) Enjoy!

-Heather Lee Harden